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    7 Mistakes Sellers Make

    1. Price your home correctly the first time.

    Some seller’s interview agents and go with the YES person! Don’t hire a Realtor who tells you what you want to hear.

    This is probably not going to work out for you as well as you may think! Some Realtors strategize that they will just out last you and that over inflated price. The Realtor knows they will be around when you become more realistic and in the mean time they will generate sales leads from the sign in your yard. This is a Realtor Win-Win for them! Don’t throw away thousands in carrying costs while your Realtor uses you yard to generate business.

    2. Spruce up your property.

    Clean, Paint, Pressure wash, relocate messy pets, minimize clutter, get offsite storage for unneeded furniture, vehicles, or boats. Clean out and organize the garage and attic. Have your Realtor do a walk through before and after you spruce up.

    Encourage your Realtor to give you honest feedback and accept the constructive criticism. Remember you are both working together for a common goal the sale of your house. Don’t choose someone who will not push you out of your comfort zone.

    3. Trust Your Realtors advise when it comes to advertising.

    Your Realtor knows the marketplace. Your agent will know what works for your city, area, and neighborhood. Trust their advice if they tell you an open house will not increase the likelihood of a sale for your property then it probably won’t- Trust your Realtor. Keep in mind that open houses and grocery store real estate magazines generally only drum up leads for real estate agents.

    4. Stage your home.

    This is not something everyone can do or afford. However if you have the ability avoid day-to-day activities and the resources to rent or buy specific furnishings it may be worth your while. There is a reason you see so many home improvement shows on the topic. It works… Hire a Realtor that can give you honest advise on this topic and help you implement a plan of action.

    5. Accurate photos and paperwork.

    One of the most frustrating things buyers complain about is misleading photographs. Don’t let your top-flight agent over spend on a professional photographer who makes your home appear to be something its not. No one wants to see a silk hat on a pig.

    It is important to take good photos, but review the pictures make sure they represent what you see when you look at your house. Be honest with yourself and the people who are looking at your house online.

    Properly complete all paperwork associated with your listing, particularly the property disclosure.

    If you top-flight agent is filling out your disclosure document then you might want to get a new agent. I have seen this happen and it is not a pretty sight. Please review all of the documents in the listing package and fill out your own disclosure documents. If your agent is making short cuts then you need to openly question their ethics and make another choice.

    6. Understand the process.

    Your agent should go over the listing process and the paperwork in detail. If they seem rushed or frustrated with your interview they probably aren’t going to be a good fit.

    The agent should give you an outline of the process so you know what to expect during the transaction. Your Realtor should provide you with a copy of a purchase agreement so you will be familiar with the document prior to negotiating a real contract on your home. Brush up on negotiating strategies in real estate transactions. You Realtor should be able to give you guidance and act as a source for referral material, if not you, might have the wrong agent.

    7. Price.

    Price is very important. If you can’t control location, or condition you may compensate with price. Don’t lie to yourself, separate from your sentimental value and look at what others will see when they consider your home. Again your inability to be realistic on market value may cost you thousands of dollars in carrying costs.

    Properties become stigmatized by their time on the market and pricing history. Good agents will point out days on the market (DOM) and the amount of price reductions your agent submitted to the MLS to their customers. Offers to purchase your home will be based on this information so be informed and put you best foot forward.