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    John Martin

    O: 337.540.2937 M: 337.540.2937

    Look. Buy. Live.


    From Thomas the Train.

    Thomas is my Grandson's favorite Character in a children's book. Thomas the Steam Engine wants nothing more than to be A Useful Engine, helping his Friends as they make their way through their daily life adventures.

    This describes my purpose and intentions, to the letter but quite frankly, most of us could go through our lives, with no help along the way. However, when you decide that another person's experience and point of view can enable you to be happier and less stressed, it becomes evident that there is value in reaching out to someone who can smoothe the bumps and straighten the curves, especially when working through transactions that you rarely do.

    Selling or Buying a Home should be as simple as 'Look. Buy. Live.' but it rarely is.

    It's my job to make this experience as painless and uneventful as possible. Life moments are stressful enough, as it is. I've been there. We need someone who we can depend on.

    I would like to be that person for You and Your family.

    Text or call me now. I live on Napoleon Ave In New Orleans, 337.540.2937.

    I'm ready to listen,


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    John Martin
    Metarie Office
    2901 N. Causeway Blvd, Suite 205
    Metaire, LA 70002
    Phone: 337.540.2937

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